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If he did write or dictate, it was perhaps as an aid to memory or because he lacked confidence in his ability to produce poems extempore, as trained rhapsodes could do.

It certainly wasn't in a quest for immortal fame since poets in his era had probably no such notions for themselves.

This hat was worn in the official Christening pictures of baby Zara in 1981 (left) and sunny side up yet again, on a visit to Lake Windermere with the Queen on July 17 this year (right).

For Olympian Anne that’s a gold-medal-winning gap of 32 years.

A sensible pale green tweed suit with contrasting pussy-bow blouse first worn to a church service for Save The Children in Windsor in 1991 (left)and at her most Iron Ladyish ten years later for a school visit in Banstead, Surrey Pure Eighties ballgown — those stripes, that silver, those billowing sleeves — and Anne wore it first to that quintessential event of the decade, the 1984 Berkeley Square Ball (left).

It performs an encore nine years later at a charity performance by the Bolshoi Ballet at the Royal Albert Hall in 1993 (right) and she doesn’t seem to have aged a bit This was the Princess Royal’s lucky Olympic fund-raising dress.

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However, Hesiod's extant work comprises several didactic poems in which he went out of his way to let his audience in on a few details of his life.However, while his poetry features some Aeolisms there are no words that are certainly Boeotian.His basic language was the main literary dialect of the time, Homer's Ionian.Another notable thing about the Princess Royal: unlike the rest of the population, she actually looks good in yellow Second, at 29 years — this fur-lined blue coat is filed under ‘church outings, winter’.

First, meeting a clerical dignitary with then husband Captain Mark Phillips in 1983 (left).First time round was an official visit to Gibraltar — perhaps to wind up the Spaniards — and second, to wake up the old boys with a jolt at the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion Different hat, different shoes — but there’s no mistaking this jolly brocade floral jacket and coral dress with pleated skirt.

Musik in den Elternohren ist da die Ankündigung der jüngsten Tochter, einen – Hallelujah! Das humorvolle, geschätzte Familienoberhaupt wird zunehmend vergesslich und kommt mit dem alltäglichen Leben im Hause seines Sohnes Niko nicht mehr alleine klar.… continue reading »

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