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Now, thanks to the bitter and bleakly funny black comedy that “Lars and the Real Girl” director Craig Gillespie has made about the most sordid years of her life, Tonya Harding is finally getting a chance to tell her side of the story. Beginning in the mockumentary style of a Christopher Guest movie, “I, Tonya” introduces its motley crew of lower-class characters with a series of interviews that invites us to laugh at them right out of the gate. She wants a better life for her daughter, but she’s not great at showing it; she’s also closer to the bird that lives on her shoulder and keeps pecking at her ear than she is with Tonya.We meet Tonya (Margot Robbie) as she sits alone in her kitchen, rocking her denim jacket like she was born in it. There’s no trace of nonsense in her narrow face; this is the kind of woman who stubs out cigarettes with a figure skate. And when Tonya gets married to the first guy who tells her she’s pretty (Sebastian Stan as the violent Jeff Gilooly), La Vona’s only response is: “You fuck dumb, you don’t marry dumb.” If there were ever a “Real Housewives of Yacolt, Washington,” she’d be its biggest star. We got the real Tonya's Harding blessing so at this point we're just excited to see what happens." So is Allison confident in her winning chances? News the In her words, "I've never been bandied about in this arena before so it's pretty exciting I have to say. I'm cautiously optimistic and so happy."On the topic of transforming from red carpet royalty to Tonya Harding's larger-than-life mom (who carries a real-life parrot on her shoulder), Janney shared, "I felt empowered. She fought classism, sexism, physical abuse and public rebuke to become an incomparable American legend.” As a songwriter, Stevens seems drawn to misunderstood and complicated figures, particularly those who’ve attained a legendary status in American culture.(One of his best songs is “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.,” about a notorious serial killer.) Harding was a controversial figure, a working-class girl in homemade costumes who didn’t fit into the wealthy, prim-and-proper mold of the figure skating world.

“But the more I edited, and the more I meditated, and the more I considered the wholeness of the person of Tonya Harding, I began to feel a conviction to write something with dignity and grace, to pull back the ridiculous tabloid fodder and take stock of the real story of this strange and magnificent America hero.” That’s the goal of, too — and for fans of the skater as well as women who refuse to play by the rules, it’s about time.

Remembered for her highly contested role in attacking rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan (when she’s remembered at all), Harding was one of the greatest villains the ’90s ever produced, up there with O. Simpson, the T-1000, and the guy who invented Crystal Pepsi.

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