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05-Aug-2017 07:00

We’ve had our share of ups and downs over the past decade. Nice stomach to match and a shaven pussy (oh so nice).

It’s now our anniversary and I wanted to surprise her. I plan a weekend trip for us in the mountains in a secluded cabin.

Her mind is racing knowing that this is wrong but curiosity gets the best of her and she reaches for his pants.

She sits on the side of the hot tub and begins to undo his belt, button, & zipper.

She slowly lowers yourself on top of his manhood inch by inch and once she hits bottom her head goes back in ecstasy. He takes her ass in his hands and grips hard she puts her fingers in his hair and holds on tight.

She looks at him deep in the eyes as she rides him & goes in for another erotic kiss.

I’ve been standing at the door since they got in the hot tub and couldn’t believe how turned on I was by watching my wife being fucked by another man.

He inserted his manhood to the hilt and began fucking her with reckless abandonment.

I open a bottle wine & we sit back & discuss the things that have been going on in our lives as of late.I gave him a nod and he let loose and fucked her even harder.