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With Boucheron's Jaipur we get more than just balance, we get versatility and a real living, changing fragrance.

Jaipur was one of those scents I pursued during my "cinnamon is the best note ever phase".

At this stage it goes from being your grandpas aftershave to smelling like a really expensive soap I would expect to smell in India. Vanilla, musk, cinnamon, carnation, and powder, with an almost balmy, emollient edge to it.

Then in the drydown the vanilla takes over the show making this a creamier and more wearable version of the opening. Really nice stuff, but hard to find the occasion to wear it nowadays, even in eau de toilette form.

Top notes are lime, bergamot, cardamom and lemon; middle notes are carnation, cinnamon, jasmine and rose; base notes are tonka bean, patchouli, benzoin and cedar.Don't expect Jaipur to be an easy-to-wear fragrance. It was a beast scent, now it is a very strong scent.It is absolutely nothing like One Million, Eros and those other sweet mainstream scents. I had tested this fragrance on a strip about 4 years back when I was 27, it reminded me of Azzaro Pour Homme and didn't appeal to me much as I thought it was for older men. And I found the cinnamon a little more pronounced than the old bottle.What I was really expecting it to smell like is an old school barbershop type of fragrance that is also exotic,unique and a work of art while at the same time being able to be appealing.

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This opens up smelling dated and has that old school aftershave that your grandpa may have worn but at the same time it’s not pungent or harsh.Probably most of people (normal people) would think you are wearing women's perfume. The oriental spicy is a genre that can be very tricky in finding a scent that has real balance.