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And the works are short and sweet with some much needed breathers. seems light to start yet lactic acid management builds up fast and you need to focus not to break form while doing ladders. Great Video scene and quality - EKC I and II was a gift to me = really challenges you. I am also a big fan combining this with bodyweight cloth hang pullups and HLRS and handstand pushups , together with 2in 50ft battle ropes to accompany the cardio burning on different days to build my back and lungs etc....warmup first right ! For people like myself who are challenged as far as mobility goes, this workout is a killer for your cardio.

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The option to do the workout without the soundtrack is available at the beginning of each day.Easily the hardest workout I have ever done and I"ve done plenty of them.This is Keith's best dvd to date and will get anyone into phenomenal physical condition! It's two bells and for me 35lbs bells kick my ass all over ! 1st half of Day 1 last night, and with double 16kg KB... I didn't think you could top perfection, but Keith managed to do just that with Extreme3. I just can't say enough good about his workouts and recommend them often. Your workouts are top notch and fitness level inspiring. This was needed to complete the workouts because of the using of two kettlebell routines.Less time, bigger bang for the buck…more pain, more gain Life is struggle. when you step up to the latest Extreme Weber challenge—to achieve an unspeakable level of conditioning and a brute strength the gods would envy…

How sure are we that The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 3 (DVD) will work for you?

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